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CdE SM 2015 - Informations

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Big Bore Pistol :                                 production, revolver, standing and unlimited
Small Bore Pistol :                             production, revolver, standing and unlimited
Field Pistol :                                       production and anysight
Big Bore Rifle 200 meters :            hunter and silhouette
Small Bore Rifle :                               light and silhouette

All matches are 40 shots… All target will be white « vanilla »


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Start list here (update 1/8/2015) :


  • Big Bore Rifle Hunting : 5 x FP Chickens at 150 m
  • Big Bore Rifle Silhouette : 5 x FP Turkeys at 200 m
  • Small Bore Rifle Light : 5 x SBR Chickens at 60 m
  • Small Bore Rifle Silhouette : 5 x SBR Chickens at 77 m
  • Big Bore Handgun Revolver : 5 x FP Turkeys at 150 m
  • Big Bore Handgun Production : 5 x FP Chicken at 150 m
  • Big Bore Handgun Standing :  5 x FP Pigs at 100 m
  • Big Bore Handguns Unlimited : 3 x FP Turkeys & 2 Pigs at 200 m
  • Small Bore Handgun Revolver : 5 x SBHG Chickens at 75 m
  • Small Bore Handgun Production :  5 x SBR Turkeys at 75 m
  • Small Bore Handgun Standing : 5 x SBR Pigs at 50 m
  • Small Bore Handgun Unlimited : 2 x SBR Turkeys & 3 SBR Pigs at 100 m
  • Field Pistol Production : 5 x FP Chickens at 50 m
  •  Field Pistol Production Any Sights : 5 x FP Chickens at 75 m


Austria.jpg AUSTRIA Hungary.jpg HUNGARY Australia.jpg AUSTRALIA
Czech Republic.jpg CZECH REPUBLIC Italy.jpg ITALY Sri lanka.jpg SRI LANKA
Finland.jpg FINLAND The Netherlands.jpg  NETHERLANDS
France.jpg FRANCE Norway.jpg NORWAY
Germany.jpg GERMANY Switzerland.jpg SWITZERLAND
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M. QUENTEL Philippe
Fédération Française de Tir – 38 rue Brunel – 75017 PARIS – FRANCE
Tel : (+33) 1 58 05 45 45 – Fax : (+33) 1 55 37 99 93 –


All foreign citizens who wish to come to France must be able to present a regulatory proof of the purpose of their stay, means of support and accommodation. Except when a visa is necessary to enter France. It must be applied for before leaving for France at a French consular office. You can find all the information to get a visa on the official website :



Paris CDG 365 Km  –  Francfort 254 Km  –  Zurich 399 Km
Amsterdam 437 Km  –  Bruxelles 237 Km  –  Luxembourg 28 Km

MOTORWAYS North-South:

A31/E25 dir. Luxembourg-Arlon  /  A31/E21/E23 dir. Nancy-Dijon  /  A30/E50 dir. Longwy-Bruxelles-Antwerpen


A4/E50 dir. Paris  /  A4/E25 dir. Strasbourg  /  A320/E50 dir. Saarbrücken


In order to bring your arms, you must use the forms provided by the FFTir :

– Use one form, only the head of delegation can order it, and send a copy to the FFTir with the Final Form
– Upon arrival in France, present the invitation with the complete list of arms of all your delegation to French customs in order to have it checked
– On your departure, present the same documents to French customs. During the nights, there will be no possibility to
let your arms and ammunitions at the range because of safety reasons.


Hotel booking must be made by yourself. No shuttle will be at your disposal from the hotels to the shooting range, nor from the airports. You will find hotels near the shooting range, as well as cars to hire and all other activities concerning on website : It’s possible to arrange some camping near of the shooting range (contact :


Food and drink may be purchased on the site during the competition.
The Gala Diner will take place on Saturday, August 8th 2015 after the last awards ceremony.


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The Local Organization Committee suggests you ordering the Polo shirt of this event.
Please fill in the purchase order here and send it by email to,

no later than June 14th.

Order will be pre paid by bank transfer to be confirm.


Final Entry form delegation (Excel file)
Final Entry form details (Excel file)
ammunition forms (PDF file)